About Streerang

                                                                                                                              Welcome to Strerang.


"Let us love ourselves more to love others even more. Let's celebrate the different colors of being a woman, perfectly! Let's 'Embrace the imperfections'! "      


StreeRang is a celebration of womanhood. For a woman who is constantly more than herself - a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a lover. A young girl who loves having her ice-cream shakes and chocolate waffles and is guilty of all those extra calories later. A sister who is envious of her brother getting a special treatment and still would give him all that she has to herself. A lover who is always trying to change herself to be an ideal fit for the man she loves. A wife who loves her career yet switches jobs to be where her husband is. A career woman who gave up her career to become a homemaker, and feels guilty to ask for that one dress her eyes got stuck on. A doting mother who loves her kid unconditionally, but feels guilty of wanting some sleep for herself, some freedom from her crazy schedule. A woman who looks at that attractive woman wearing something, and thinks she is too stout, too short, too dark to look good in something similar. A woman who sees how flawed she is to justify the problems she faces, yet strives to make a meaningful life for herself and her loved ones! A woman that is you, a woman that is me!

About the Company - With a very strong belief in the fact that when you empower a woman, you empower a whole family, StreeRang endeavors to work towards overcoming the vulnerability of women from less-resourced backgrounds and artisans through income generation activities, self-help groups, and a number of initiatives focusing on their holistic development. A marketplace of locally made, environmentally sustainable consumer goods and handicraft produced by women groups and small women-led businesses, StreeRang aims to connect Artisans, NGOs, SHGs, Cooperatives, Businesses, Corporations Design & Management Institutes, Individuals and Experts and customers so that they can interrelate in a better way.